Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They go, 'Why'd you have to get so hysterical?' 'Why'd you have to get, so fucking useless'

Photo: Anna Rosa Krau

I have been a bad little blogger recently; pre-occupation and lack of inspiration have lead to a lack of posts. About two and a half weeks until I go, the reality of leaving my friends and family indefinitely is starting to hit. Of course I'm still positive about leaving, it's time for adventures, but I have come to the realisation that once I get on that plane, my life in Melbourne is kind of...dead. I can come back, but it will never be the same. Okay, let's not get too philosophical at 10am on a Thursday.
I have officially finished work; today is my first day off, and I am thinking that I can't wait to work with kids again overseas. The next two weeks are going to be very enjoyable I suspect, frolicking in the city with friends and trying to spend peaceful time with the parentals. Today Flower is coming over to rid my closet of all the clothes and jewellery I can't take to Spain with me. Now I need to walk the dog to the optometrist to pick up the truckload of contact lenses I foolishly ordered, my whole case is going to be full of contacts.


  1. aych we all need a break from time to time, especially when you're preparing to do such a huge move. I'm glad you're jumping around the globe though, moving to spain must feel great.

    I can just imageine the securty going beserk at the airport with your suitcase full of contacts, some kind of new terrorism, eh.

  2. LOL I thought you had some really funny experiences with kids!! XD Glad to know you're not put off by them after working with them for so long. Ooo you should totally think about selling your old stuff online or sth! HAha that's my next project after my exams ;p little blogshop

    Heyy i wanna hear the scary starbucks stories!! I've been spending so much for quality studying time there it's a little scary. I'm quite a beginner at coffee so when I ordered an expresso I'd no idea it was going to be MIDGET sized!! $3.40 for that. I nearly fainted.

    Are your parents worried about you going what with all the swine flu still spreading around? Hmm my parents would totally cancel my trips and forbid me to go =( but i guess it's cos they're paying...

  3. Hello Te,

    Such a lush thing you are doing, I am looking forward to hearing about it. I really enjoy Spain, the colours, the food, the weather, the language, can you speak Spanish? My mother once got together with a Spanish man who had fled from doing his military service, we lived high in the Girona mountains with his dogs. Good times. Are you scared? You do not come across as scared, more overwhelmed. What will you do once you get there? for food & money? xxx