Saturday, May 30, 2009

You walk this world like you´re a ghost


1. Men sing as they walk along the street, and they are not drunk or disabled.

2. Grannies take the metro at midnight

3. Front door handles are just for show

4. Everyone walks to the right of the footpath

5. Almost everything closes from 2-5pm but stays open until atleast 8.30pm after that

6. The keyboard screws with your mind

7. If you eat at 6pm you are clearly having ´lunch´

8. Public Displays of Affection. If they make you want to be sick then you should walk with your eyes closed

9. It´s impossible to leave the house and not see a dog within a minute of walking

10. The people love McDonalds, it´s not just for children or fat teenagers

My course is so crazy, I have hardly had any time to think let alone keep in contact with my family and friends. On Friday though I finished early and took myself off to Parque del Retiro; if before I thought that Melbourne could compete with Madrid then the game is over, sorry Melbourne! I walked for two hours and got totally lost, but there were beautiful sights everywhere so it wasn´t a problem. I really regretted not bringing my journal, it would have been so nice to just sit on the grass and write total I do. There was even a book fair on, if only I could read Spanish.

My photos; Retiro

Today I did all the touristy things, I wandered around Sol, El Museo del Prado and El Rastro. The highlight of the day, sadly, was when I found a bar which has an English Language bookswap, and it happens to be in my future (ideal) barrio of Malasaña. It´s dirty and trendy and reminds me of the Madrid version of Brunswick-Fitzroy back home. The manager addressed me in English when I walked up to the bar and it was then that I realised how tense I am every time I have to converse in Spanish. Or Spanglish or Te Points at Things. I really have to stop eating at McDonalds just because it requires the minimal amount of Spanish interaction and possible embarrassing scenarios.

Well, I should go because I think the people at the locutorio are starting to think I have no home. I haven´t had a chance to check my blogroll for awhile so thanks for still checking in even though I haven´t been commenting much, it´s not from lack of interest, just from lack of time. besos.


  1. So funny.

    I remember the PDA taking me off guard too. I was like, "Get a room ya'll!"

    I used to do the same thing too, hang out at Burger King cause I knew what everything on the menu meant.

    Aaaah. Miss Madrid.

  2. Why can't we have siesta time in Australia? That would effing rock!
    If I ever go to Spain, I'm so learning Spanish haha.

  3. Can you take a picture of the keyboard? This I gotta see.

    The Retiro looks absolutely amazing! Hope the stress levels drop when you speak Spanish soon - you'll fry otherwise! =)

  4. OMGOSH. if grannies take the train at night then of course madrid beats melbourne. haha ,jokes melbourne, jokes.

    mmm and what is up with this key board?
    i wanna see it.

  5. Beautiful Photos Te!

    You don't need to eat at McDonalds. Tapas is incredibly cheap and if you dont like the first dish they bring out, just order another drink and they will bring you something different. Find a place that does Churros in the morning, - they will keep you satisfied for HOURS and in the evening follow the families. You will probably end up in a big italian restaurant and feel very at home.


    welcome to europe!!

  6. If you eat at 6pm you are clearly having ´lunch´


    What a very different sort of place.