Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want something else, to get me through this, semi-charmed kind of life.

Ello poppets. Well, I know for months I have been going on..and on...and on about Spain, but hey, I'm going to England. I have a summer job lined up there, well 4 weeks of summer anyway. It will be about 20 degrees cooler than Spain, wonderful! I will return to Spain in late August hopefully, for the start of the school year, because I am going to teach English.

I don't know how I feel about the change of country so soon. I am relieved to have an income for some of the summer, but I'm sad I haven't had a bit more time to explore Spain; I suppose I will have lots of time when I return for the full school year. It is going to be interesting returning to England; I lived there for 6 months when I was 18, and lived in an attic with 5 other girls.

So! In 10 days I will be in England. Thirty days after that, who knows where I'll be..

Photo: Fergus Padel


  1. Well HOWDY!

    Bugger about not getting to spend more time in Spain but I'm sure the allure of cold hard cash in your Australian hands was far too good to pass up.

    Where will you be working? What will you be doing? Spill spill... how've you gotten used to speaking Spanish? Fluent? =) x

  2. norway? egypt?
    not sure why i suggested those two countries but AY you are damn awesome for flitting off to whatever country you feel like.

  3. Sounds like a good plan, are you going to be in London? If so, I am sure you will find Spanish people to practice with.
    Sounds bloody exciting though, a mini trip through Europe.
    If you get the time and money, check out Cornwall whilst in the uk, it is amazing. Very geographically unique and romantic. Very Arthurian, and even though I do not know you, something tells me you would like it a lot.x

  4. Orhan: Haha why? not that I don't agree.. but it's good weird..and I'm a bit weird, so..

    Bambola: Cold hard cash has an allure, as much as I wish it didn't. Well, only because right now I NEED it or I will starve and have to live in the metro stations...
    I'll be working in a summer camp for teenagers 17+ :D As for my Spanish..Fluent? that's a funny joke..haven't you been reading my posts? :P

    A dreamer: Norway sounds awesome..if only I had enough money to go so far north. I definitely want to see Oslo this year though..although I want to see it in the summer time, so maybe..maybe I will make a trip there this summer. Good idea! haha sorry for my mental narration.

    Braindance: Wow, guess what? My major area of study at uni was Arthurian literature, or have I said that on the blog? Anyway, I will certainly try and go to Cornwall, although it's on the otherside of the country to where I will be..but hey, UK isn't so big anyway! :)

  5. Now that is what my friends and I call a braindance coincidence, I never knew you did that at uni I promise :0)

    Cornwall is my home county, I love it to bits, and could not/would not live any place else in the uk.
    Man,if you did those studies at uni, you would love it here, I will send you some pictures for sure.

    I went to see Dozmary Pool the other day, the apparent resting place of Excalibur and the lady of the lake. I found it epic, but as you may have guessed, I am a high grade geek.
    We also have Tintagel castle.

    If you promise me that you are not a psycho killer, or a PDF-File, and you do come to Cornwall, email me, I will be your guide :0)
    I know of loads of places to stay that are cheap and clean.

    And yes, the uk is tiny, how many uk's could you fit into Oz? First person to answer correctly, wins nothing but kudos. x

  6. Ah I am sure you will be fine there :) I would love to go overseas and work!

  7. As i sit here at 9 am on a sunday wondering how in 48 hours I am going to learn 800 medical terms, i am dying of jelousy! :(

  8. I am sure that everything will be ok there.=D Wishing you all the best.=D Have a great day.=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  9. I love the adventure of it all!