Sunday, July 5, 2009

If that's the way it is, then that's the way it is

Hello! I'm alive, but crazy busy and I have no internet connection. I am stealing it from Starbucks right now, but my moral objection to the place prevents me from actually going inside to buy anything, so I am getting glared at..or something. I am working teaching English to teens from Spain and Italy, they're not that much younger than me but I am starting to realise how big the gap between 17 and 22 really is maturity-wise. I was talking about Buckingham palace yesterday and one of the Italian boys leaned in inappropriately close to tell me that that's where the queen 'makes the sexo'. I'm living with other teachers and nights entail coming home exhausted, exchanging funny student stories and then drinking beer and playing 'I have never'.

I quite like England when I'm not in London, and I might stay here a bit longer than planned; living out of a suitcase is becoming a bit of a drag, I want to be more settled. I really don't know what I will be doing in August, just like a month ago I didn't know I would be in England. I actually think I am learning more Spanish now than when I was in Spain, since I strain to understand my students when they talk to each other; yesterday I heard them discussing me, but when they saw me looking at them with a smirk on my face they started speaking catalan, little brats.


  1. Glad to know you're still alive. Teaching students would be an absolute scream - I'm sure the stories would come thick and fast when you're with the other teachers....

    <3 Liv xx

  2. I have never = best game. Also age gap between 17 & 22, reasons why I am having issues making friends at uni.
    mwah snoop.

  3. glad to know you're alive and well enough to be stealing wifi from the maccas over there have wifi? go in and buy a 50c soft serve :)
    have fun in england! and seriously, you need to one day just snark your students in spanish. that'll teach em.

  4. haha! Oh dear that made me laugh. What did you reply to the question about Buckingam palace? I love living vicariously through you right now. Wish I was in Europe too. sniff.

  5. Makes the sexo? Too good. I am going to ask my husband if he wants to make the sexo tonight...

    Ask him if he has penisi deforma, a personal fav my friend from Rome taught me.

    I am 29, and my daughter gave me the dubious accolade of being the most immature adult she knows. My work here is done.

    Stay safe lovely lady x