Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now that I have fallen in love...
...with Spain. The idea of having to leave because I can't get a job rather than choosing to leave as I did in June, is making me twitch and feel rather grumpy. All I hear is 'crisis, crisis, crisis' and it has hit the ESL teaching market hard in Spain. Typical. There seem to be lots of jobs in Italy....noooo, no hablo italiano.


  1. i do hope you find a job coz its such a shame to have to leave there when you are enjoying it so much there. you could always go to italy, its pretty there but i understand you wanting to stay. i dont really have much advice for you coz im not really a jobs expert but you could always work in a bar or something. hope everything goes well for you and good luck x

  2. =O Italian is so similar... I'm sure you'd pick it up quickly, at least until the market gets back up in Spain?