Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's make some music, make some money, find some models for wives

I may be too busy living life to properly blog about it. I have a Spanish bank card and a DVD store membership. We have a local. We have a bar we can't go back to (free drinks + a Mexican). The Scottish and Australians drink like no others...well, maybe we just need an Irish friend. We're living for the weekends. Don't live to work. In two months I am heading on an awesome train adventure including Barcelona, Lyon, Brussels and Bruges and ending in a houseboat in Amsterdam. I can't wait for Winter. My jeans smell like cigarette smoke, yuck. We're meeting up with our first friends here today, American boys. We haven't worked out whether they're a couple yet though...

I miss my dog. Bloody hell. Oh and you can now stalk me via bloglovin' and for some reason my blog is registered twice and there are 2 followers on the one that I swear I didn't register for, I have tried every single email/password combination I can think of...

Photo: Tim Barnes


  1. that houseboat in amsterdam sounds too cool for words!! x

  2. aw man, you're my hero. can't believe you typed that sentence of destinations. crazy. as.