Friday, November 20, 2009

Fly like a plane, drive like a car, hold out a hand...

In Spain....

People leave their cars in the middle of the sidewalk with the hazard lights on, while they buy alochol/cigarettes/chocolate.

Walking to work is stressful due to the amount of dog shit on the footpaths.

Men make 'come here kitty cat' noises when girls walk by and don't get punched/any reaction.

There are condoms and lubricant in the vending machine outside the DVD store, right next to the chocolate bars and packets of chips. Confusing.

14/15 year olds have never heard of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Problem.

Whether cars stop for you at pedestrian crossings seems to depend on the mood of the driver.

The stores stock duvets but not duvet covers. WTF?

The Christmas decorations are up.

Peoples' watches run 15-60 minutes slower than the real time.

They think drinking coke with vanilla ice cream is weird.


  1. Coke with vanilla ice cream is NOT weird. And I hope you're making it your personal mission to educate the kids in the kings that are the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!! =D

  2. spain is so open about sex like they have massive signs for sex shops everywhere not just in red light areas.
    the men are sleazy whether they are 20 or 60. its like why are the hot guys sleazy as well? it stops them being in any way appealing.
    and if you wanna know the time in spain then good luck because no one seems to wear watches and if they do i can guarantee you it says the wrong time.
    spanish people can get really annoying! its usually okay going on holiday but living there must get to be really annoying sometimes x

  3. Bam: I'm doing my best, I told my classes I would bring ice cream and coke on the last day of lessons and make them try it. They looked horrified.

    Rebecca: Ha, I feel like I have to defend the Spanish now. I haven't found them annoying at all, and I've been here over 3 months - they're always friendly and kind. That said, I don't have any Spanish friends who I meet for coffee etc, having to wait somewhere for someone for an hour would not impress me. The sleazy men I have to agree with unforuntately, can't say I'm thrilled with the guys I have met out, but that's what I get for meeting men at bars I guess.


    vanilla coke is also a prreeetty close second, and you know, readily available.