Monday, January 11, 2010

If I ever feel better, remind me to spend some good time with you

Amsterdam was fun and all, but my inability to get stoned( I’m immune to weed, it's true) and my lack of enthusiasm towards the red light district/sex museum (traumatic experience)/museums in general and um...the snow, meant it could have been a less the fantastic trip. However, a little ray of holiday sunshine hit us (alas, not literally) when we discovered the Amsterdam Public Library.

Sure, it's not really 'cosy' or 'intimate' but dude, it's sylin'. We went in on a freezing Sunday to find dance mats and guitar hero, plenty of free internet-connected macs, dvds galore and a damn trippy elevator (as high as I got). The cafe was okay too. Our hostel host (we stayed on a houseboat!) joked that it had been so important for the library to look modern and chic that half the books wouldn't fit so they just shoved them all into storage; perhaps he wasn’t joking. Anyhow, it's a hooker…erm, I mean ‘a looker’.


  1. Nice! Me likey!

    Wow, too bad about your immunity to the weed... my sympathies...

  2. what an amazing library. my local library seems so boring in comparison now. it must be quite new. it just looks so cool! x

  3. This post has it all: weed, libraries and Jason Statham. You are a girl of my own heart.

    Last time I went to Amsterdam was in 1988. I was 8, it was my mothers birthday. She got so drunk on the ferry over, we missed the coach, and had to spend 5 days in amsterdam with the clothes on our backs and traveller checks. We spent the time checking into 5 star hotels with empty bags and then doing a runner. I saw the red light district most nights whilst there, and was forever turned off the ideas of porn, stripping, but not red lights. I still like them.
    This was all part of my mum's European tour following the guru Maraji. A short fat bald millionaire who tells everybody else that money is rubbish. Did I mention he has a private jet? The only surviving photo, is of me, in the rain, on a bridge looking less than impressed.
    I am a libriarian, so thank you for the pictures, always a joy to see, and Jason Statham? woo woo, indeedy doody, the catchphrase of me and my friends for months was FUCK YOU CHELIOS!

    PS: Your hair is so lush, I gasped in wistful awe. I am trying to grow mine after ten years as a skinhead, soooo slow.

    PPS: I am tipsy, so I apologise for the rambling and spelling mistakes.