Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Same old songs

Well, I'm back in Australia but only for half of the year as I have decided to go back to Europe.

The decision has been very difficult but the job market here in Melbourne has ended up making it for me. There are just no High School jobs for me, I have applied and applied and applied to no avail. So, I'm hightailing it back to Europe. I have a job here in the meantime, teaching ESL to adults, and a summer position waiting for me in the UK. It's just a matter of teaching and saving (and surviving living with my parents) until June. I'm all over the place, literally.

I would be very surprised to discover this blog still has readers - but I just can't seem to abandon it for good.


  1. I'm here still!! Exciting about travel plans to the UK, but it must be a bummer not to be able to settle in at home. I'm envious of all your travels! xx Liv

  2. Hi, I just found this blog, just pure luck. I started mine too not long ago and I understand how hard it is to get readers, but don't give up. You will get them, try to post some on facebook and within your friends. i really like your blog, is very interesting and would like to see more. Also it would help if you have google+ and follow button so people can easily add you :) Btw you are having an amazing lifestyle which is worth to follow. I am a designer and love traveling too. So far I lived in Slovakia, UK and Australia and there is plenty more places where me and my fiance want to travel to. So good luck and never give up :) Kat