Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heat from the sun somedays slowly passes

Photo: Geoff Barrenger

To blog or not to blog. It's not really a question since I'm um..writing a blog entry. I created this blog to record my impending move to Spain, but it's just sitting here, empty, calling to me. Write in me you daft cow, you're not even going to Spain until May. Apparently my blog thinks it's English.

So, Spain news? I cried in the post office today! Not full on 'I have no will to live' wails, just a single tear of frustration. Renewing my passport is turning out to be an epic bother. Well, I suppose it's not quite up there with Greek tragedy, but I muttered to myself like a lunatic all the way home. Must remember to bring old passport. Must make a new appointment. Where the hell is my citizenship certificate? Don't cry. Damn it's hot. Oh, a donkey.


  1. I put it up there with moving house and applying for welfare in terms of stress- particularly when combined with imminent migration.

  2. Yeah, that's definitely an epic bother!!

    && a donkey what?!

    Glad you came back to the blog world =)