Friday, February 6, 2009

I'll give you some yarn and you'll give it some spin

It's too hot.

Photo: DavidVasiljevic

A stranger's hand lingers unnecessarily close to her bottom; the elbow of the man in front of her not-so-lightly grazes her breast. She opens her mouth to protest, gasps, and chokes, on the suffocating aroma of sweat. A schoolbag sharply hits her in the back of the head; a grunted apology from a lanky pubescent boy. A shuffle. Chaos. Rearrangement of bodies. Now faced with the hairy underarm of a woman reaching for the escape signal. Close eyes. Don't breathe. Another shuffle. She hears the muffled sounds of another person's music 'it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes...I am getting so hot'...OH PLEASE NO.


  1. Great text! I love the hat on her too <3

  2. beauty of summer :)

    with the first line...i thought someone got raped! haha.

  3. Raggamuffin: :O Oh god no. Just the inappropriate closeness of peak hour trams. haha

  4. So poetic, so sad, so terrible a situation. LOVE IT!

    & RYC: I have a satin tux jacket that I may have to wear over the top... might post photos & get opinions. =D