Friday, March 6, 2009

You can't keep me back once I've had some

I've been having really vivid and strange dreams lately: peeing in the forest; having a baby; kissing a guy from high school I was never interested in; walking around a hotel for hours and having a panic attack because I can't find my room...anyone want to decode for me or share some strange dreams?

I'm on a hunt for new online reading material. If you know any of blogs of anyone who travels a lot, or is blogging about living in a new country...I'd love to know about them. Or, just anything where I can read about some different cultural experiences.

Today I'm meeting up with a good friend who has been living in Berlin for a year. I'm really excited to see her. Have a fantastic long weekend fellow Aussies!

Photo: Yelena Yemchuk.
The girl in this photo has hair like me!


  1. Woww your blog is really interesting. I'm loving the photos in each post. Bold and evocative. It's really exciting that you'll be making your way to Spain soon. I imagine it'll be a period of self discovery and really living life to the fullest. Would love to be able to do that someday...

    Can't think of any blogs that fit your description at the moment but if I remember any will let you know.

    Hope you don't mind that I've added you to my blogroll. Would you like to exchange links? =) Thanks!

  2. Hi tis serendipity. Thank you for the comment and link! I have added you also :D

  3. I would not like to decode your dreams, I'm having enough troubles with my own random crazies!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    I'm a big scarf collector too. Sometimes I have to seriously restrain myself.

    Ah, moving to Spain sounds fabulous!

  5. Fab photo! Fierce hair, esp wit the bike!!!

  6. oOohh you have hair like that? so great. Having baby yes does classify as DAMN WEIRD you seem to have a vivid thought-life!

  7. Do you know - I've actually not read On The Road. I'm gonna have to go look for it. It sounds like the perfect thing for me at the moment. I actually found it on someone else's blog & it just grabbed me. I can't get the image out of my head... & I wouldn't want to.

    Your dreams probably have a lot to do with your impending move to Spain. There's a whole lot of scenarios which are common "that wouldn't happen"... maybe they're just creative interpretations of your own second thoughts....?

    2 MONTHS!!! Excited much!?

  8. peeing in the forest- you had waaay too much to drink before you went to bed. i have those type of dreams all the time. especially ones in which i can't find a toilet and run around like a loon.

    having a baby- oooh was it painful in your dream? haha. as you can see i'm not good at decoding dreams.

    kissing a guy from high school- you wanna kiss a guy or be in a relationship and you don't care who. HAHA! that sounded rather bitchy of me.

    i'll stop there.

  9. Ahaha, adreamer! You're not allowed to decode my dreams anymore hahaha. But I think you're probably spot on about having too much to drink before bed. And and didn't dream about actually giving birth...thank god.

    Bambola: Excited would be an understatement! But I'm also starting to get a little freaked out too, I've been packing up my room, so strange to think I'm leaving indefinitely..hmmm. You should definitely read OTR although, I will warn you that Jack K apparently wrote it while hopped up on speed and it can be an exhausting read.

    Shini: Maybe my vivid dream life is making up for my boring 'real' life at the moment ;)

    Yiqin::D Yeah it's one of my favourite pictures, especially for the model's hair.

    Emily: You're welcome! Today I had to go through my scarves and decide which to give away. It was so hard! Atleast I only bought them second hand, so I'm not parting with a fortune..

    Tina: Hi. Yeah, I also love the bike...makes me wish I hadn't thrown my old ones away.

    Orhan K: Yeah, I'm giving you a nickname. Next it might be OK dawg, actually I kind of like that. Enjoy your own crazies.