Thursday, April 9, 2009

Then I'll use that voice you find annoyin', and say something like "Yeah, intelligent input darlin', why don't you just have another beer then"

Oh how I wish it were pouring with rain outside, so I wouldn't feel so guilty for sitting around at home doing nothing today. Perhaps if I was religious I wouldn't be so bored. I could...go to confession, or whatever religious people do today. Eat fish? Bash themselves with bamboo? Someone enlighten me.

It's no secret that I love winter. All the gorgeous clothing- boots, jackets, scarves. I'm pretty much going to have two summers in a row this year, the Australian and then the Spanish. Yes, I know, poor poor me, eh? The Aussie summer has come to an end now, the days are slightly cooler and it's darker earlier. With the exception of those horrible and tragic few weeks of completely surreal heat, I have had a lovely Melbournian Summer; running riot in this gorgeous city of mine. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite summer Melbourne pastimes...

Wandering the city streets

Treasure and oh so much trash, at Camberwell Market


  1. *le sigh* I miss Melbourne. =(

    Eventually I think I'll live there. It's perfection && clearly I missed SOO much when I visited.

    Good Friday is for being unproductive if you so wish (and for not feeling guilty about it).

    & I forget your bag's name, but it's nice to see him/her. It really is a gorgeous bag!! =) xx

  2. Oh, thanks for making me feel better for being a lazy sod. My bag is Gladdys, maybe I should take her out for another photoshoot in Melbourne before I go. I don't think she wants to come to Spain. ;)

  3. Oh man these photos are great X) i'm totally dreaming of ice coffee now... wasn't the summer in melbourne the hottest it's ever been though? Camberwell Market looks like an insane amount of fun... is that held regularly? i think i'd love to go for it each time and spend hours trawling through the stalls...

    (btw, you asked if Krysten Ritter was in Veronica Mars? I think she was!! At least that's what was said on all the websites I visited... ;p I've never actually seen the show before though)

  4. tis: Thanks :D Well, we had the hottest days, but it was only crazy crazy hot for about 3 weeks, the rest of summer has been quite nice, mid to high 20's. Camberwell Market is heaps of fun, I thought about having a stall there once to get rid of the stuff I can't take to Spain, but it never happened...and yeah, I think it's held every Sunday.

  5. Oh please have a stall and we can live vicariously through your sales.
    Wonderful photos Te; I feel very homesick now.