Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've met someone that makes me feel seasick, oh what a skill to have.

Okay, hello random ranting blog entry. I am utterly insane at the moment. I am jetlagged and my back aches from dodgy hostel beds but I keep being told I am not allowed to complain, because I am in Barcelona. So, I'm going to go straight to the important observations: dude, the men are gorgeous. Gorgeous, but, they stare; not just a glance and then a look away once they are caught like Australian men, no, they hold your gaze without shame. I am perfecting my 'don't even think about it' glare which was previously reserved for street sitters in London. Also, there are so many Australians travelling. I haven't felt the need to go up and say 'G'day brother, I'm Aussie too, let's be friends, yo!' and I don't think I ever will, but it's still comforting to hear the familiar accent.

Barcelona is beautiful. Yesterday I met a friend and we went up the Gaudi Cathedral, it was a big bunch of wow. I have been practically starved the past few days, for fear of speaking Spanish. However I have managed to buy bread, cheese and hopefully this will last me until I am confident enough to make a fool of myself some more. I'd like to write more but I have to go and pack up all my stuff to check out, because..I'm going to Madrid. I am like a Sal without a Dean; I am glad, Dean is a douche.

My photo of Barcelona from La Sagrada Familia. I think you can click it for the full photo, blogger cuts off the side a bit.


  1. hurray! Levi told me he is following your blog. Glad you have a friend
    I am Australian, but its posted all over my facebook

  2. Hit up the Rastro Market while in Madrid. My favorite thing to do there. I think it's on Sunday mornings.

  3. 'G'day brother, I'm Aussie too, let's be friends, yo!'So much LOL!

  4. Major relief on the Australian accent - good to know there are some people that you won't struggle to talk to, if & when you decide to...

    Have me some Spanish fun... & don't prefect the glare - perfect the, 'you wish look' far more entertaining ;) x