Monday, May 11, 2009

This place is old, if feels just like a beat up truck, I turn the engine but the engine doesn't turn

Photos: Claudia Scholtan

Despite not actually leaving the country yet, I have discovered that moving overseas indefinitely really trims the fat, friendship-wise. That's not to say I have been running around Melbourne telling people they're not worth my intercontinental (although I do have this list of people in my head). It means the opposite actually; I have had a fantastic time with a number of people, and now realise I am going to stay in touch with them for a very long time. I am bordering on sentimental, that makes me feel a little jittery; make it stop, make it stop. I know, I'll go delete people on social networking sites, that's always fun.

I should be able to post once more before I go. The last Australian post, I'll try to make it patriotic.

Just wondering if any of you have been to Spain? Are from Spain? Have ever changed the Cypress Hill lyrics to 'Spain in the membrane, inSpain in the brain, crazy insane, got no Spain' ....just me then?


  1. Oh, wow. I haven't heard that song in forever.

    Deleting people from 'friends' lists is surpringly fun. I'm down to 20 people on Facebook. Thats down from a possible 100.

  2. Amazing pics! Time for the next exciting life chapter...All the best to you~

  3. hehehe i don't have enough people on myspace to start culling some.
    last aussie post...*cries* spain is so soon!

  4. Wait! WHAT! You never told me you were going to Spain! :O And I though WE were tight! :P Geez, I feel so neglected now! haha

    Teasing of course missy, yeah, when I think of Aussies thats all I imagine. Bleach blonde girls with thongs and cork hats, sorta like the kiwis but minus the bleach blondeness and more ass-holic. Again just joking. I have an aussie friend who is giving all you guys a good name lol.

    Okies my mini rant over. Just keep us updated on your whereabouts and thoughts :)m


  5. I'm with LENORENEVERMORE..This is just the beginning of your new journey in life,and you just enjoy it.Wish you all the best.
    Btw,nice photos.=)

    A Writers Den

  6. Man I love these photos!! You always find the most amazing ones that just make me go... wow. ;)

    Hmm I guess something that can be a blessing in disguise about going away is finding out who really means something to you. Finding out who your friends are (or at least the ones you prefer)... which may get a little sad cos then you might realize there are a whole lot of acquaintances that aren't important... but like you said, it's great to be able to find out who are the ones you know you'll be keeping close to for life. ;)

    Aww EMBRACE SENTIMENTALITY, GiRL!!! Haha you totally seem like the stoic kind who'll shed a few tears at the airport only once you're out of sight of all your sobbing family members...

    Haha ahh ok what am i doing online when I'm supposed to be studying. I can't wait to hear about your travels when you're in Spain. =) You have to continue blogging alright?

  7. Yeah going really far away really tests your friendships. The worst is when you come back and the people you've been gone from don't ask you ANYTHING about your life. The ones that do keep in touch are money tho.

    But I hope you're having fun.

  8. That is hilarious, I had never thought about that with that Cypress Hill song, but you can bet I will every time I ever hear it again.

    I'm an American living in Southern Spain as a permanent expat (married to a Spanish guy). Hope your move goes well.