Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Throw away your television

I am in Valencia. I am sunburnt. I can smell fruity shampoo wafting into the hostel common room. Yesterday I was walking around with a map and a girl asked me for directions in English, I adopted her. Today she turned up at my hostel looking for me, we adopted another lonely looking backpacker and hit the town. Randomness is the best part of travelling. Valencia is beautiful, I'm glad I decided to come here and get a patchy tan before heading to the UK. I'm finally getting used to trying to speak to people in Spanish and I'm leaving for atleast two months, figures. I kind of love the carefree, hostel-living, tan-having bohemian lifestyle. I like not wearing shoes. The end.

Take me somewhere we can be alone.

My photos of Valencia


  1. Nice photos. Love them all.=D Thanks for sharing.Have a nice day.=D

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  2. Valencia IS beautiful!
    Good luck in England!

  3. I like the last one. WEll taken!

  4. I've spent a lot of time there. Beautiful city.