Monday, September 7, 2009

Tried that good boy game but the dope boy is turning me on

Oh, the post title is meant to be a bit of a joke. So true though, damn sexy bad boys.

I am living in a shared apartment with two young Italian men who seem to own very little clothing. Every time I walk into the lounge they are draped over the couch in their underwear, train smoking and watching television (with the radio on at the same time). They also speak very little English, so our very short conversations have been in muddled Spanish, until I get too flustered standing there trying to talk to a practically naked stranger and run off to my room.Oh I also suspect that they can't cook, they have been living here for two months already and when I arrived there was nothing in the fridge expect rum... So yeah, that's my news. Thrills.


  1. that is so funny! its probably not great for you to be in that situation but so funny to read about! you better go shopping and buy these guys some veg as they will probably get ill from all that rum! im totally with you about those damned bad boys, too cute for words too complicated for words x

  2. careful you don't turn into the ama de casa! sneak peaks, pero por dios, don't feed the exotic animals! anyway, glad to hear you love Valencia and you've settled in a pad with eye-catching views.

  3. ah. ha. ha. ha. sounds awkward. dare you to take a picture ;)

  4. Hello hello,
    near naked young boys...sorry, zoned out then

    A member of my family is going through a shorts phase at present, he is 6 foot 2, and intent on wearing shorts that fall just above the knee EVERY DAY.
    Rain, shine, wind, He comes round, sits down, shorts ride up, who am I to judge? He is happy.
    I did mention last night that maybe, just maybe, he could look for some that are not so short, thereby, saving my eyeballs from his flash of thigh all the time.
    He just shrugged and said he is not going back to trousers.