Saturday, September 19, 2009

You said things would never change, but sometimes they get rearranged

Photo: Anna Rosa Krau

I've been raiding my old blogs to remember what I was up to around this time of September in previous years. I have this from 2008:

All I have to do is write the essay plan. I don't even have to write the bloody essay yet. But why oh why is it so hard? Why am i so unmotivated this semester? There are three reasons that i am aware of:

1. It is my last semester, the end is in sight. In a couple of months I will be finished with undergrad forever.
2. I really miss classics, I should have just sucked it up and done my year of Latin because now that I've finished my minor and I'm not studying any more Ancient Greece I've lost the spark.
3. Spain! I know I'm moving and all I can think about is 'when I move to Spain blah dee blah dee blah'.

OH WOE! I am searching for articles for my essay and coming up with nothing. Why did I choose to write about Literary representations of Merlin as the Antichrist? It's not like someone offered me some crap topics and I choose that one, I decided upon it myself. Maybe I wanted to punish myself for being so lazy?

Just a question. Are people planning their NYE already? It's only September! I understand that the people going to festivals had to book early, but for everyone else...It's only September!!! Am I going to wake up one day in December and discover that everyone has planned their NYE and I am left out in the cold watching the fireworks all alone from my balcony? I don't think anything could top last NYE when Flower's house was robbed, I was kicked out of the Espy whilst trying to avoid a girl who was attempting to kiss me, POK tried to skinny dip in St Kilda Beach at 2am and I fell off a wall and landed face first in the sand in my heroic effort to prevent her from drowning.

Okay, I really must go and plan how I am going to enlighten my tutor with this essay.

This from 2007 (although it was the 13th and the only entry I wrote all month):

So, I have Bronchitis. It kind of sounds like the name of some hot, shirtless...masculine Trojan man who can do some serious damage with a sword. But unfortunatly it's not. I've been at home since last Wednesday. I managed to make it to uni on Tuesday this week, just to see the Doc and get some drugs. They're not even the fun kind. Well, I suppose not coughing up a lung is fun. So, who am I to complain?I'm so unenthused about everything at the moment. Mum says it's because I'm sick. I hope so. According to her medical book it could take three weeks for me to feel completely back to normal. Great. I'm so tired of University. I'm doing 5 subjects this semester and am only enjoying one of them.'s on King Arthur. Soothes my inner geek. I've missed two weeks of classes now though so I feel like it's slipping away from me a well as piled ontop. So this is me just having a whinge i guess. Waaaaaah, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to be healthy, graduated, have money saved and be flying off to Europe. Waits..

And this from 2006:

I have decided that 'making love' is the most annoying term in the world. Not to mention incorrect, maybe making babies, or making semen, or making STDS (Thanks Em) would be more technically correct. When you have sex it doesn't create love. I'm sure it's a term invented by men so girls would go around having sex with them thinking they were 'creating' love.. I mean obviously these are dumb girls, but thats not the point. Having sex is not MAKING LOVE, for god's sake that is the stupidist thing I've ever heard. It doesn't even make sense if you're in love with the person either, seeing as your already in love you're not really making it. I think it is entirely misleading, implying that you should have sex with a person if you want to make them love you. It's such a stupid, stupid, so fucking stupid term. Ányone ever says this to me I will bash them. No joke, instant turn off. (I have had 12 coffees tonight at work, I am not in my right state of mind)Okay children. On a final note. DONT MAKE LOVE, HAVE SEX!

Only this from 2005:

Wake me up when September ends...

...Because this is like a dream!
I'm in PRAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1.! <3 You haven't changed, yet you have. You're still a smart ass but you're just a little more grown up about it. You're still funny as fuck. You're still travelling. You're still awesome. Well, I didn't know you then... Although I *do* remember that 2007 post. That's a very strange feeling in itself.

    Have you started planning for NYE 09/10? I mean it's already half way through September you know =P

    How's the new place? Despite all the pink I hope you're managing to settle in alright =) xx

  2. I know you can do it. Do whatever you want and you desire. ;D

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  3. Solo: You know I can do what?? haha

    Bambola: Thanks :) I HAVE started planning for NYE actually :P I'm trying to decide whether to go to Scotland or stay in Spain, hmmm.

  4. haha! love the rant on making love!
    its wierd coz i was thinking the great thing about blogging is that you can look back on what you were like even a month ago and its just so wierd and interesting to read. but also its so great coz its like there forever. a diary can get lost but a blog will always be there which is a bit scary! x

  5. Progress is good feeling. Most especially when we have it documented.

  6. you were still just as hilarious 3 yrs ago! i think guys would worship you if they saw your 2006 entry. hahhh.
    i talk about dudes everytime i come to your blog. i really must stop.