Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is there anything I can do for you dear, is there anyone I could call?

I am currently feeling the downside to independence. I'm sick and I just want a cuddle from my mummy. My boss insists it is self-inflicted sun stroke. I'm not sure when phlem-tastic coughing became one of the symptoms of sun stroke, but there you have it. After having to cry at work to convince my boss I was genuinely sick I returned home and slept for 20 hours straight. Oh, guess what the Spanish miracle cure for everything is: Paracetamol. Tired? take a paracetamol. Fever? take a paracetamol. Sore throat? take a paracetamol. Headache? take a paracetamol. Depressed? take 10 packets of paracetamol...

So it is a vicious cycle: I can't be sick because I have to work, I have to work to pay the rent, I have to pay the rent because I have signed a contract, I signed a contract because I need somewhere to live. Welcome to the real world. I've realised that I haven't really been 'home sick' as such, more 'moment sick'. I miss listening to my ipod on the train on my way to uni; it was my favourite thinking time. Am I saying I miss Melbourne public transport? Wow, I really am sick.

Photo: Tim Barnes


  1. nawww. got a teddy you can hug? or just hug a stranger. i swear, it works. anyhoo, get better soon.

    hey man, melbourne trains are therapeutic.
    you know melbs is getting new trains next year right? you're not that disconnected from aus are you? :)

  2. Yeah I have moments like that, not for Melbourne (have not had the pleasure)but for verdant lush green grass, a cool draught of air, understanding whatthe hell everyone is on about (OK I know the solution..)hang on in there kid, it passes. Go easy of the pills.....you have heard the warning on the TV ads!

  3. A dreamer: My teddy is in Melbourne! I miss his squashed face. I did hear about Connex losing its contract. Happenings..

    Kez: Thanks :)

    Rob: I'd really love to understand what everyone was on about, I pretty much only understand what is being said when it's about food and drink. Tinto?..si...jamon?..si!