Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All the same, I miss you. Today has been okay.

Ohh-tayy. It's less than a month until I go on my Christmas Holidays Travel Extravaganza - Chte for short, pronounced 'chitea' which sounds quite smiliar to 'shitty' in a French accent, so perhaps we'll just scrap that. Hostels, flights and trains are booked. This will be my first Christmas away from home and I am determind to be distracted from this fact on Christmas. Perhaps I will just deny it is even Christmas. Baby Jesus, who? Yeah. I'll do that.

My updated journey includes Paris, Bruges, The Hague, Amsterdam and Madrid. Tips for any of these places are more than welcome. I have never been to Belgium or the Netherlands before. I have had space cakes before, I baked them with my Mum before a music festival back in Melbourne. Mum was concerned the neighbours could smell the 'butter' brewing, and then told me that the smell reminded her of most of the Melbourne cafes she frequents and had never realised what the scent was before. Oh Mum, I love you.

Time to work. No picture today. I'm feeling, texty.


  1. You're looking pretty texty too ;)

    I hope you manage to distract yourself from the fact it's Christmas and enjoy yourself immensely doing so!


  2. Aww.. you're going to have an awesome journey at xmas! How could you not with those locales! While in Madrid, you know I'm going to recommend you wander through my barrio Lavapies. In fact, I recently wrote a guide of sorts about where to go, etc. you can find it on my blog, if you're interested. I'm going south to a white village that clings to a mountain side in Almeria for a week at xmas where it'll be warmer than here! ey, que frio aqui! says the chica from Canada... but it is cold without heating and carpets, I tells ya. anyway, I'm rambling... this comment was just to say that you're going to feel some pangs and twinges at xmas but when you take a moment to breathe in deep the air and smells of where ever you happen to be (hopefully somewhere pretty and next to a bakery) you will feel alive and know that some experiences in life are worth the sacrifice of a little comfort.

    besos xx

  3. haha your mum is so funny! ive never been to any of these places but its all about having a good instinct when youre touring and just ignoring all the obvious touristy places. have a good night! x