Friday, November 13, 2009

But I'm still tryin' to make my mind up, am I free? or am I tied up?

There is this boy. I can see him from my window every weekday morning without fail. We don't know his name, we call him 'Swing Boy'. Swing Boy is about fifteen and rocks on the swing in the playground beneath our building for hours. Sometimes a small child will occupy the swing; Swing Boy will sit on the bench opposite the swing and stare that foolish child down until it moves. He is such a mystery.

Swing boy, are you skipping school? are you on crack? When I look out my window and you're not there, I always think about how lonely that bright yellow seat looks without you.

This is my 100th post. Happy blog milestone, me.

Photos: Timothy Barnes


  1. HAPPY 100th POST!! :DD gosh... i keep changing my blog before the 100th post arrives... we shall wait for that day X)

    anyway i can't wait to read a 100 more posts from you! and more after that of course...

    maybe one day you'll talk to that boy and find out more eh?

  2. I like the new header!! :DDD Is that... grapefruit juice? :9 you took it rather literally eh?

    Thanks so much for the incredible thoughtful comment... I feel the same way about so many things in life too... especially when it comes to relationships. I can't tell if what I have now is the best that I can ever get or if I should drop what I have in search of some tenuous, idealistic vision I have of what I want for myself in the future... I think you're brave for choosing the latter. :) I think I would too at the end of the day. (am still too much of a coward now =( )

  3. Thanks :D No it's not grapefruit juice, it's Sangría. So good and so Spanish.

    We could talk to the boy, but my flatmate thinks he's creepy and doesn't want to start a precedent..if we speak to him he'll probably want to speak every, what do we say 'Hi, we've noticed you're always on that swing? why?' actually, that's probably not a bad place to start..

  4. just yesterday at the train station, i saw 2 boys who couldn't have been any older than 12-13 (they were half my size...) anyway, they were smoking casually, acting like they were so mature when a lady on the street began ridiculing them- "hey! go home and watch the teletubbies short asses. those ciggies are gonna stunt your growth!". they whipped around and said "shut the fuck up, mother fucker!".
    i found that pretty disturbing. O.O


  5. happy 100th post! im onto about 86 so hopefully in about a month ill be there!
    hey i just saw my blog in your sidebar! i never knew you put it there! thanks!
    its such a weird routine this boy has to go on swings for hours on end but maybe thats his way of escaping from everything. anyway love to hear if you get any further in finding out what this boy is up to and btw i dont advise you to approach him coz its just asking for a fight. anyway very interesting x