Sunday, November 1, 2009

People dancing should have never chose girlfriends

  • On Friday morning I got home at 4am from Thursday night. On Saturday morning I got home at 5am from Friday night - three hours later I got up and packed to spend Saturday night in Granada. Never, ever, pack whilst drunk.
  • My camera has decided to screw with me in revenge for the many times I have dropped it whilst drunk. It is now set to landscape/no flash mode and therefore won't work at night; possibly trying to give me hint - less drinking. Therefore I have been put incharge of my flatmate's camera; she doesn't know how mine died.
  • Spanish Halloween is great, nobody dresses up as 'slut'.
  • I was a little 'girly girly' for awhile, but I have been cured.
  • Trying to get the spaces between my photos to be the same is really, bloody frustrating, and now these bullet points are messing with me.


  1. i know those bullet points can get very annoying! looks like a fun halloween! this year i stayed in with my friend and watching grease! best halloween! x

  2. I got ze postcard from Malaga (there's a dash on one of those "a"'s I just know it. It's kinda funny cause I live near a "Malaga" No dashes in this one though, Australia isn't THAT fancy!!


  3. Rebecca: I love Grease! Not very halloween-y though, well, I guess the part where they get makeovers could be... :P

    Bam: Yay, glad you got it. I will send you another from the next interesting place I go. I used to live next to The Isle of Capri on the Gold Coast, and then I went to the one in Italy -ha, take that Gold Coast suckers. ;)

    Is this Real Life and yiqin: glad you like!