Friday, November 20, 2009

Without you here the seasons pass me by

I want something. I just don't know what it is. Damn it.

Photo: Oliver Schwarzwald


  1. I found you through Bambola. You have a lovely blog and I really like your banner!

    Hope you are having a great time Spain!

  2. i think you want to get stoned in amsterdam and watch a live sex show

  3. Hi Te, just wanted to say I love your blog! I just spent the last couple hours living vicariously and read through all your posts until there was no more "read older posts" tab. You are so brave to just throw yourself at the world - foreign country, foreign language, going solo. Thank you for your writing and your beautiful photographs!

  4. Bam: but I HAVE ice cream in the freezer, so that can't be it ;)

    pinkapplecore: Welcome, and thank you :)

    Anon/Snoop: The sex show thing I am not sure about yet. It may disturb me a bit, you'll have to sell it to me.

    Marmalade Wombat: Hello, thanks for your comment. I'm flattered you found my blog interesting enough to read the whole thing - that's a lot of reading/my rambling. :)

  5. Hahhaa live sex show! ahh europeans. Two of my friends (a couple) are studying on exchange in france and their university held a themed "erotic party", with students participating in a lingerie walk-off competition. I guess everything is sexified in france!

    My pleasure! I'm going to keep reading to pick up travel tips! =p

  6. Nice photo :) Makes me want a coffee. x