Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I didn't hear what you were saying, I live on raw emotion baby

In a moment of weakness, I downloaded New Moon. All I can say is, I am now even more convinced of the hilarity of it all. Also, it is totally unrealistic, not just the whole vampires/wolves thing, but puh-lease bitch, who is going to choose a pasty, weedy, shiny dude over that gorgeous dog boy? Yeah, nobody. So case closed, storyline is unrealistic and the lead character is a twit. Oh, and Edward looks as if he's constantly constipated.

Now that I am feeling rather disturbed and a little pervy (who cares if he's a dog boy, being 16 is the problem) - time for my photos of today's trip to Antequera. Lessons learnt = the train station is miles from the actual town, buses don't run on puente and taxis are expensive; some happy taxi driver is 50 euros richer after our lack of research. The price of the taxis was worth it though, what a beautiful place.


  1. aah 50 euros? wow... but that is gorgeous. Sit and stare for a long time gorgeous...

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL! It's like a fairytale land!

    i really was not remotely motivated to go watch adventures of "twit" and "dog boy". but now that you've told me it has great comedic value, i may just go see it. and by go see it, i mean download it illegally.

  3. pinkapplecore- I emailed you back :) I wish I could have sat and stared for longer but we only had three hours there :(

    adreamer - Well, the really 'funnyness' of the movie is that fact that so many people take it seriously and think it is ****LiK SO RoMAnTiiC**** Personally I believe that as I did not pay to watch the movie my friends cannot give me shit about watching it despite constantly bitching about it. The soundtrack though - so so so awesome.

  4. dear te!! :D haha how are you... i'm supposed to be studying for my exam which is TMR (sobsob) but since i'm sort of numb to the prospect of impending doom i decided to check my email...

    yeahh i haven't updated because of the exam tmr... i can't wait... just another 13 hours or so and it'll be over and i'll finally be able to celebrate the holidays!!

    haha goshh 50euros for a cab fare?? that's steep!! but yeah it's these random unexpected trips that are the most fun to tell your grandchildren next time eh? :) gosh you'll have so many incredible stories to tell them...

    and EWWWW how could you think JACOB trumps EDWARD??!?! and Edward is NOT WEEDY!! he's like... HAWT. XDD haha ok but i haven't seen the movie yet!! i'm sooo psyched to watch it... this weekend hopefully!!

    oh but my favorite isn't edward too... it's jasper! :) he is CUTE...

    Antequera looks like such a sleepy town!! what was it like there? :) or did you go on a sunday or sth?