Friday, December 18, 2009

The monsters are buried down deep inside, you never know when they're satisfied.

Photo: Andreas Burz

Very soon I will set off on WTA2009 (Winter Train Adventure 2009) - although technically it's also 2010. I don't think I will take King Arthur, so I doubt I'll be blogging much over then next three weeks. I will be taking Ugo though (camera) so expect lots of photos; I'm hoping for my first white Christmas. I'd like to say that I'm extremely excited, but I'm not sure what it takes to make me excited anymore; Jason Statham perhaps. Jason and Spanish biscuits, there are some called Roscos de vino - heaven, and another kind which translate into English as 'Lardy cakes' - yes, literally, lard. Mmmm tasty.


  1. WTA sounds pretty awesome!!:D do take care of yourself okae while you're busy exploring the world!!

    how will you be celebrating xmas?? where will you be during that time? haha Percy says hi to Ugo!! (i just decided to name my camera Percy since my friend named hers Fred and another, George) :)