Saturday, January 9, 2010

That's right put in work, eat your salad, no dessert

Along with every woman and her blog (rather than every man and his dog) I have made a 2010 resolution to be healthier, starting with my diet. Gone are the days of eating pasta for lunch and dinner, or eating popcorn while watching Jason Statham beat people. Now I will be watching Jason whilst sipping on apple tea, and eating salad for dinner. So far my resolution has lasted two salads. I am very proud of them, so here they are

Walnut, pear and parmesan.

Rocket, smoked salmon and burgos cheese. Both salads are great with balsamic vinegar.

More trip photos to come.


  1. i love balsamic vinegear. ive just really into it and ive been putting it into anything i can! i think i am the one exception of all the woman and their blogs coz i am no way going on a diet! this is the worse time to go on a diet coz i spend so much time at home, inevitably spending lots of time in the kitchen. ill dave the diet for the summer (thats if we get a summer)! x

  2. Apple tea? I have never heard of it...wonder if I can get my hands on any around here....hmm

    I like this asiago cheese salad dressing by Brianna's it is SO good. LOVE it. I marinate my chicken in it hahaha.