Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Return (to the blog) and Departure (from Australia)

I'm back! It's been a while, blog. I've decided it is time to revive you because it's once again time for travel/adventure/teaching/culture shock/what the hell am I doing?/expat blogging.

In the space of six days I have applied for a job, been interviewed for said job, been offered and accepted the job, and I'm now in the process of doing a million things in order to move to a new country in less than three weeks.

I'm moving to Vietnam.

I did not see this coming.

Sure, I applied for the job. I applied for lots of jobs, haphazardly. Four months of searching for a teaching position had put me in the mindset of  'what have I got to lose? I'll apply for everything'. I can't believe it actually worked. I didn't have much time to consider whether to accept the offer, which is probably good because I may have chickened out. I've had a few days now and I'm more sure about it every day. It's not like when I went off to Spain, full of naive bravado and unrealistic expectations; I know this is going to be hard. The first three months I'll probably cry at least once a week, I'll be too scared to order food in restaurants, and I'll wonder what the hell I've done. But hopefully, I will like my job, my apartment, my co-workers, and the fact that I'm doing something different, and once the initial culture shock passes I'll realise how lucky I am and settle in to discovering life in Vietnam.

I've been reading back over my old posts, in particular the last post I wrote in Australia before I headed off to Spain in 2009. Everything I said in that post still applies and is the reason am rapidly packing up my life and moving to a country in a continent I've never even been to; also, I just want to teach!

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