Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's not about your make-up, or how you try to shape up to these tiresome paper dreams

When I left Australia I was obviously looking for something. An adventure I guess; yes, I definitely wanted an adventure, but I’d tried to plan it and if you try to plan an adventure it’s less an adventure and more..well, a plan. I said adventure four times in one sentence and plan three times. I am tempted to look up thesaurus for synonyms for ‘adventure’ and ‘plan’, but I’m just too lazy..idol..slothful….er, focus, Te. I was trying to say that I’m actually having an adventure now because I have thrown planning to the wind. Worst comes to worst, I run out of money and beg the parentals for a one-way ticket home. Considering how much I want to stay in Europe I will try my best not to let myself get to that stage. So the next stage of the adventure is finding somewhere to live and a job. I am staying in Edinburgh.

When I arrived in the city I got the elevator up from my train platform, the elevator announcement said ‘Doors opening. Please stay calm’ I’m not entirely sure why we were meant to be panicking, but everyone in the elevator burst out laughing. Welcome to Edinburgh. There’s something about this city that tells me that I could come to love it as much as I love Melbourne; which would be superb, since I have been told my evil plan to move Melbourne to Europe isn’t feasible…killjoys!

The past few days I have been wandering around the city, getting lost, taking photos, and getting a feel for the different areas. I have narrowed it down to a few areas I’d like to live in, but I have heard there’s more chance of a Scottish person giving you money than finding a decent flat this time of year. Oh, should I not be making jokes about the Scottish? Hey, they can make as many kangaroo comments as they like.


My photos of Edinburgh


  1. Looks funnnnnnnnn.... X)) sigh. i do hope you're settling in ok?

    About your question, I actually really liked shopping in London! X) Haha but that's really because there isn't an awesome humungous 5 floor topshop flagship store in Singapore (i really fell in love with that. i mean you can't get 90% of the stuff where I live because the outlets are so much smaller) or other stores like Urban Outfitters... New Look and Bershka just came to Singapore but all the stuff that they brought over just isn't as nice as the stuff available in Europe! I wish I could work as the buyer for all those stores...

    Haha i know what you mean about refusing to get stuff from stores that have become a little too popular... I never get anything from Mango nowadays because every other female in SG goes there to shop. I feel kinda bad but it's the same feeling about secretly dreading H&M coming to Singapore (i'm sure eventually it'll make its way over) because then everyone will end up getting stuff from there and sales will be maddening! haha long ramble sorry xD