Monday, September 28, 2009

I said "hey! What's going on?"

Now that I have my own room, internet connection and a bit of free time, I have started getting link lost in blogs again. As much as I love fashion/style blogs, I'm keen to discover something different, so if you can recommend me a blog - your own maybe, or other non-fashion blogs you read, it'd be great!

Oh, and if you're one of my friends- stop being lazy and write me an email, douchebag. A-strizzle, Flower and Snoop are exempt, but the rest of you - just because you can blogstalk me doesn't mean I don't want to know all your gossip.

Aiight, here are some of my photos from Seville, it's the bomb-diggity.

WTF?!?!?! .....oh how...cute? 'Who's a cute little future dictator, then? YOU are, You are.'



    Is a good read

  2. hey im off to gibraltar tomorrow and i just checked it out and found that gibraltar is very far from seville so i wont be anywhere near you but it will be hot and sunny! but my grandmother did say that it was raining non stop there the other day! hopefully it will clear up so i can wear my flip flops!
    hey and and if we are bigging up blogs my favs are steel closet and this wheels on fire! oh and shout out for my humble music blog! lol! x

  3. Thanks girls, I'll check them out! Rebecca- have an awesome time in Gibraltar. I'm sure even if it's raining it'll still be warm.

  4. I just want you to know, I am SO SO EXCITED and everytime i see your pictures i nearly wee like a little dog.

  5. Snoop, please try not to wet yourself when you come and stay, okay? You make me laugh something fierce..

  6. omgg baby dictator... that is just scary shittzz.... X) check out or!! something like fffound!