Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is yours to wear, you're the chosen one, there's no turning back now

It's pretty much safe to say I am totally and utterly in love with Spain. And totally not in any way interested in or bothered by certain stupid boys.

Right now it's 8.45pm and there are hoards of little demons, I mean...children, running around screaming in the park nearby. It's 24 degrees. I have finished work for the evening. I'm going out soon for a tinto de verano (o cinco) because I don't have to be at work til 12 tomorrow. Most importantly, my room is looking less and less like the cutesy boudoir of a 60 year old Spanish woman.

I always feel a little uncomfortable when life is all rainbows and lollipops (despite bloody ugly curtains and chandeliers), because it means you have further to fall when the shit hits the fan..yikes, too many idioms. I'm wondering how long I can maintain the good life and when reality is going slap me on the arse and say 'yo t-dawg, what's crackin homie? Hahaha fo' shizzle? you thought you were gonna be happy for ever, bitch you trippin''. I'm not sure why reality is a douchebag gangsta', but there you go. Maybe reality is a posh English person, and it will be more like 'Hello madam, kindly leave your happiness at reception by no later than 10am, failure to do so will result in further misery at a later date. Thank you for your cooperation and have a lovely day'. Maybe reality is the nasty kids from school 'Oh look, it's the midget, frizzy-haired girl with glasses (laughter) What's up Jackson Five? (more laughter) She thinks she's going to be happy? Let's go call her fat, ay? See if she cries..I wonder if it makes her glasses steam up...'.
To wrap up: couldn't reality just be happiness for the rest of my life? Please and thank you.

I have twenty days off around Christmas and I am struggling to decide what to do. Ay ay ay.

Photo: Anna Rosa Krau


  1. its so lovely that youre so happy! i hope some gangsta doesnt come along and ruin it! x

  2. Want company after Christmas - New Years maybe? I have three weeks to kill!! =D

    SO glad you're in love with Spain... I won't tell Melbourne, it may get jealous. I think reality is the nasty kid from school. You know you're supposed to ignore her (yes, reality is a she - men aren't THAT bitchy) but you can't. =P


  3. I am with you about the Wizard Of Oz.
    The wizard Of Oz Is one of the best films ever made. Fact.
    I watched it nearly every day between the ages of 3-5. I did get to the stage where I would fast forward the brown begining though, hitting play as soon as the cyclone kicked in. I have read the book now, my daughter said I should because it is rammed packed with shizzle not in the film. The book is better, but the film will always be in my top ten childhood hits.
    As is:
    Dr Doolittle (The one with Rex Harrison, not The baby aint mine Murphy)

    Alice in wonderland


    Cocoon (dont judge me)


  4. ROFLLMAOLOLx10000. haha, aw man, you crack me up.
    hey, things are good so don't happy. :D