Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love is a dress that you made, long to hide your knees.

This weekend I have: listened to and downloaded lots of Iron and Wine ; Skyped with my parents; cleaned my room; put pink butterfly sheets and an ugly cover on the spare bed, then jumped on it with Ly; bought halloween stickers for my students; done cartwheels down the street; cried; drawn pointless pictures; taken photobooth pictures; created a 'kiss chart' with my flatmate for shits and giggles.

...oh, and eaten out both days. Today's lunch was expensive but so worth it:


  1. yummy! i havent eaten out for ages! looks gourgeous x

  2. YUM! Sounds like you've had a good few days! You seem to have settled in to your new life now & I'm hoping all the hard stuff is a distant memory, but a reminder that you can *actually* do this.

    I'm not sure what those dishes are but they look fantastic.

    <3 Liv xx

  3. looks so yum, super jealous, my sushi train lunch does not cut it now.