Thursday, November 26, 2009

About me.

I've realised people have so many misconceptions about me. My friends were shocked when I got into childcare and teaching because they assumed I hated kids, which is totally not true, it's almost impossible to hate children (when you're being paid to like them). Joooking. Also, people have called me a feisty bitch who doesn't let anyone bother her, totally untrue - well the 'doesn't let anyone bother her' part anyway. I am a delicate flower; my Starbucks manager used to call me a 'Venus flytrap' whenever I told her that. Bitch. Also not sure why everyone thinks I hate men, nope don't hate em, why would I hate them? Just because every nice thing they say has an ulterior motive? That's the quality I love about them, they're reliable, preDICKtable. Ha! Gawd I'm funny. Yeah, I started writing an about me page...this isn't going to be it. Epic fail.


  1. haha your hilarious. I don't know if anyone has misconceptions about me...

  2. its much better to do an epic fail than to to just fail! im all about the positivity! x

  3. ahh I know misconceptions are badddddd
    but at least you can surprise people with general amazingness?
    when people ask me what I study at uni, they are always shocked that I do medicine. like wearing pretty dresses somehow means you can't have a brain?? wierddddddddd