Friday, November 6, 2009

We're waiting for you call; we're against privacy

Yesterday in one of my classes:

Students are doing an activity and three girls are chatting in Spanish.

Te: Girls! You know the rules, you can talk but it must be in English.
Girls: *All roll eyes* okay okay, teacher.
Girl 1: So what do you do on last weekend?
Girl 2: All day I was being with my boyfriend
Girl 1: How 'being'?
Girl 2: passing time
Girl 1: Oh i thought, the sex
Girl 3: How long you have dated your boyfriend?
Girl 2: six months
Girl 1: And you have....?
Girl 2: no! I am only 14, we are all the time kissing. I am not 18, or 16.
Te: * is silently impressed with student's maturity*
Girl 1 and 3: Only kissing? * laughter*
Te: Oooookayyyyyyyyyyy. Time for a silent activity.

Teenagers. For a second I thought I was back in 2002.


  1. haha that conversation happens so often. its the same with my friends and most of them have stayed at kissing and oral sex. but there are always a few who just want the attention so do things they hardly understant what they are. its quite sad but anyway have a great weekend! x

  2. 14!? And her friends laughed at her?? I heard on the news just this morning about a 12yo giving birth, in Australia. It's one of those "that wouldn't happen here" type scenarios. Kids need to be kids. *shakes head*

    P.S. You're the boss lady!! That's awesome.

  3. Keep on *only kissing*... prolong that anticipation!


    damn. i guess this means i am a very G rated teen...