Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flash flood. You got too comfortable so I showed you who's really in control

Photo: Timothy Barnes

They asked me if I've ever been in love. No. I don't think so, and I'm sure that if you have to think about it then the answer is no. Right? It's perfectly normal for a 22 year old to never have been in love. Right? Well, there was that one time, when I was in love with Angel from Buffy. But that doesn't count. Right? I'm thinking I'd quite like to be in love. I wanted adventures afterall, and packing up and moving to Spain is all well and good as an adventure, but in love you have more to lose, so it's more exciting. No, can't do it. This is a screwed up way of thinking about love. .



  1. yeah im quite sure ive never been in love but ive been in lust! does that count? i can hear you screaming no! look we have so much time to fall in love, and things are always better when you wait for them! x

  2. That feeling of being in love is quite nice. But there is a lot to lose. A romance is nicer, there is a lot less to lose when you know it's temporary. You let yourself get carried away knowing it will not last.

    There is no 'right' way to think about love. It exists, it doesn't, it's made up, it's real, it's permanent, it's not, it's true, it's learned, it's forced. All these thoughts are true on some level.

    I am in love with Booth (previously Angel) too... we can share right? =\ *sigh* so dreamy

    Love is most definitely a fantastic adventure.

    Surprisingly - I'm not *actually* in love at the moment, despite how it may sound. x

  3. the gain is equal to the pain. therefore you aren't really missing out on anything.
    love soon to be blaze buddy

  4. never been in love and 21. same boat my dear. x