Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In the afternoon, you’re out on the stone and grass, and I’m sleeping on the balcony after class.

Listening to Vampire Weekend’s ‘Campus’ makes me even more excited to be going back to University. Lame-o. I am such a campus poser, I love walking around with library books and a coffee of epic proportions. I think ‘epic’ is my favourite word at the moment.

I can’t decide which of my favourite areas of study I want to look into further first. They are: sexuality politics in the Classical world (Ancient Greece and Rome, yo) and Arthurian myth and legend (King Arthur and his bitches, dude). How to solve this problem? Well, I’m going to have a travel showdown. I plan to visit as many places with Arthurian importance in the United Kingdom as I can, then head to Greece for a bit of Ancient sight-seeing. One is bound to get my academic panties in a twist more than the other. Urgh, god I hate the word ‘panties’, it’s almost as annoying as the term ‘make love’ (don’t get me started). If I choose Classics I’ll have to learn Latin (and my tendency to SUCK at languages marches on); if I choose Arthurian legend then I will have to study Medieval Christianity at some point (oh bite me religion). So both topics have their downsides. Oh shizzle, what if I don’t get accepted into honours? That’d certainly be embarrassing.

I picked this postcard up in Seville awhile ago, it has been the source of endless entertainment. Imagine a person walking down the street next to you speaking in a language you don’t understand…blah mushy kidkas jksajhk jkaljdkal blah blah skajlskdjfl SHIT LITTLE PARROT blah aslkdjhlkahd blah. They are all literal translations of Spanish sayings which mostly mean something different in context. For example where they have translated ‘Let’s go. Don’t fuck me’ doesn’t really mean ‘come on it’s time to leave, stop trying to hump me’, in Spanish it means something like ‘don’t pull my leg’ you’d say it when you thought someone was having you on. ‘To another thing, butterfly’ is just because it rhymes in Spanish, it’s like us saying ‘no way, Jose’ or ‘see you later, aligator’. ‘Sissy the last’ is just calling someone really camp. Spanish men can be pretty camp regardless of their sexuality. That could have a lot to do with the fact that their mothers still dress them until they’re thirty.

Can anyone recommend any good English bands? Vampire Weekend/Wombats/Bloc Party/ Arctic Monkeys-ish…


  1. Sounds like a plan, if you are doing Arthurian Myths, you HAVE to come to Cornwall.
    I can give you the low down on all Arthurian hot spots, and all the best/cheap places to stay.

  2. the xx
    julian casablancas

    I don't know if even half of these are english. Indie has never been my expertise. Got cd yet?

  3. hahahahaha that just made my day, I just bombed a spanish test but that just made everything better!! Smiles

  4. haaaaaa twisted academics panties!! i like the way that sounds XDD

    oh gosh so you're going back to normal life soon???? all those subjects sound way interesting i'm really really really envious. i'd love to study something insane like Arthurian myths and legends. like what the hell, here's actually a course in that at a university?? sighh singaporean universities are just prudish, overly practical and boring. :(

    oh man it's true... i keep having exams!! :(( i'd love to just travel around and not have to worry about any exams at all...

    so glad to hear from you after so long! XD

    heheh spanish men are mama's boys?!! tell me more quirky things!!

  5. love the word epic! i think that and immense are my 2 favourite words..
    anyway good english bands...
    audio bullys, mumford and sons, delphic
    enjoy! x