Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you

My dad went to Europe at the end of last year; it was his first time there and he was quite excited..in that whole 'I'm so manly I will never admit to being truly excited' way. Anyhow, it was the first time he had travelled with a digital camera, and I think he's turned out to be a bit of a natural with it. Just thought I'd share a few shots with you guys..
Italian Alps

French side of the alps, I think.

Northern Ireland


  1. Wow! They are some amazing shots! It's amazing how some people just "get it". What ever IT is.

    =) I think my dad's going to be the same way when he comes up for his overseas holiday.

  2. Dad rocks, beautiful photos, the first one is extraordinary and the rest are fab. Congratulations to you and dad. Carla

  3. OH my! Will be showing Mr Hammie these. He loves a good glacier he does.

  4. WOOOOOOW. amazing and so beautiful.
    nothing beats euro scenery.

  5. they are perfect. tell your papa to send to print.