Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tomorrow there's no school so let's go drink some more red bull

Photo: Timothy Barnes

I'm just starting to realise how much I'm going to miss my family, my friends and my city when I leave in 7 weeks. I've never missed any of the other places we have lived, it's a new thing for me. I have begun packing stuff up in my room very slowly; one row of photos per week off the wall, a few books in a box, some clothes in the 'Vinnies' pile. I'm doing it slowly because I think if I do it at once I will totally freak out.

On Friday night I had a sleep over with a couple of friends. All three of us are so completely different; we make the most hilarious combination. It works though. We did all the teen things; bought junk food and a dvd, climbed trees, talked about boys. We also read each other’s tarot, something I've never had done before and the results for me were a bit...ominous, I suppose. Almost every card had something to do with an 'ending'. Lots of swords and hellfire. Okay, there was no hellfire. We chose to interpret it as an ending of one stage of my life and the beginning of the next one overseas. The cards told me that I'm a bit lost as far as knowing what I'll do once I actually get to Spain, and that's somewhat true. I suppose that no matter what cards come up, most of the time you can somehow interpret them to relate to your current frame of mind. Anyway, enough love, dove, nuts and berries. It was a fun night, to be a teen again, even if we do have very philosophical discussions for fake teenagers.


  1. wow. tarot cards. i gotta learn how to read them.
    do you read horoscopes?
    i think they are a load of bull but sometimes, i borrow old mags from the library and read my section only to find that it was absolutely CORRECT about the previous month.... "-.-

  2. Im a big believer that horoscopes intentionally give broad predictions that you can usually somehow apply..totally doesn't stop me from reading them though! Oh and apparently you can't read your own tarot unless you are not emotionally invested in the outcome, which I think is pretty impossible..

  3. Good to see you're making good use of the time you have left with the people you care about :)

  4. come claim your award. it's on my blog.

  5. Orhan Kahn: You make it sound like I have a terminal illness. :P

    adreamer: award? oh! yay! :)

  6. Awww it's always nice to have a girls' night in ;) Glad you had fun. I've never tried tarot cards before!! On the one hand I love all things magical and superstitious yet it's kinda scary to think that they might actually be true. I know what you mean about horoscopes being so general that they could really apply to everyone and it's us readers who really pick the things that are relevant to our lives.