Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh my god you must be joking me, if you think that you'll be poking me

Great, I've come to that point where it's starting to piss me off. The 'economic crisis' is now the Economic Crisis. If you're not there yet, it won't be long. Right now I really, really do not care about 'dressing for the recession' it's actually fucking with my LIFE.

Photo: Yelena Yemchuk


  1. We're all in this together, Te.

    Remain strong!

  2. Aww gosh hope you feel better soon ya?

    (in response to your comment, ;p I'm pretty sure there are quite a lot of people who haven't heard of R&B! I've never actually seen any of their other collections before... still tons and tons of designers and collections I've never heard of/seen before too x) nothing really wrong with that at all! Not like we have all the time in the world/that it's our job to keep up with these things (though that would be quite a nice thing eh?).

  3. Keep your head up, Te.

    It's all in the back of our heads, and sometimes in the front.

  4. guh. stop saying recession. stop. it. i get enough of that word in the daily news. and now its infiltrated fashion... and eww, recessionista. had enough of that word too.

  5. Do you know, I've read this post a number of times. & this time your first line reminds me of that song that starts "Hey, shut the f*** up boy, you are starting to p*** me off". I think it's called lay it down. HILARIOUS Song.

    Did the little boy say ugly? They're starting them young these days huh?

  6. OK: You sound like that Ben Lee song. But thanks :D

    tis: I feel better already, cheers :) I'm not very good at following actual fashion labels, I follow the street style blogs and LOVE the styles.. but brand names/designers go pretty much completely over my head. Shh, it's a secret

    Ças: Thankyou very hard. As my Dad says, annoyingly.

    adreamer: Yes, I am very very tired of hearing about 'recessionista' it's almost as if people are enjoying the economic shitstorm because it gives them an excuse to change fashion. I'm all for changing fashion and shaking things up, but I'm not sure that these people who are so happily writing about 'recession dressing' (sorry) have actually been affected yet. End rant.

    Bambola: ;) my title is from a Lily Allen song, I think it's called 'Shame for you' from the first album. Makes me laugh everytime I hear it. Sometimes I want to sing it at bars, but that's perhaps a bit uncouth. I actually don't know what song you're talking it Aussie? and actually...they're not up to using 'Ugly' as an everyday word yet, I think he said 'pooh'. Spose that's not really an adjective. nevermind.

  7. Waaaaay ahead of ye Te! We have been waiting on the boogie man of the cutbacks for months now. And have an "emergency budget" to look forward to next month where taxes will go up, social welfare, health and education will go down. And all our corrupt bankers will go to Spain.

    But at least we have our health hey?

  8. Lisadom: the corrupt bankers going to Spain contribute to the reason I wrote this post :( I'm trying not to wave my fist and shout 'Americaaaaaaa' like an angry old man, trying really hard.

  9. Ah the recession :( I am so sorry..