Friday, March 13, 2009

Gimme that old fashioned morphine, it's good enough for me

I love to take photos. I take hundreds in one night. My friends complain they haven't seen my face in hours because I always have my crappy camera glued to it. It's not that I'm very good at photography, I just like the...unpredictable nature of snap snap snap. I've been meaning to take some photos of my weekend outings to post on my blog, but every day I find some amazing image by a professional and mine get put on the backburner. I'm afraid that now the expectations are too high, I've cheated myself.

Before I go to my favourite breakfast haunt I'd like to welcome any lurkers to comment and say 'hello', I'd love to check out your blogs...or if you're feeling especially lurky, be anonymous.

Oh, only 9 weeks to go! I think my friends are on the verge of banning me from talking about Spain.

Photo: Markus Jans

This photo makes me feel...cold. In a good way. I'd like to stay.


  1. I love hearing the shutters click.. ooh so satisfying.
    you can publish the pro shots anytime... lets see yours.

  2. i miss you allready :(Snoop Lurk

  3. Oh,great shot.;D
    You are a great photographer..Hope o see more from you friend..I hope you could visit my blog too..See you there..;D

  4. Hi Summer, I will definitely check out your blog, thanks for the comment. I should mention though that the photos in this post are not by me, they are by Markus Jans.

  5. ohw holy crap!!! 7 weeks will fly past!

    i love your photo posts. For the 100s of photos you take there are always the particular handful which are just perfect & you could never have planned...

    Bambola x

  6. Man I totally love the first photo. Just the thought of standing somewhere alone overlooking nothing and everything... makes one scared and exhilarated all at once.

    Aww come on show your photos! X) All photos are interesting and show a side of the photographer more than anything. More than the model perhaps? (what does it make bloggers like me who take photos of themselves haha...)