Sunday, March 1, 2009

Screaming in my head. Brooklyn we go hard. We go hard.

Ain't got no words. Choose your own: Fun. Drunk. Is. Dancing. Fall. Fall. Laugh. Confused? You. Are. Bruises. Up. Shut. Out. Peace.

Photo: Timothy Barnes


  1. Your drunk posts are brilliant. LOVE that image too... I would like her dress please. Perhaps the huge big room too....

  2. hardcore.. ahah okay i don't understand...

  3. Bambola: Oh THIS wasn't a drunk post, this was a post-drunk post. Just you wait until I manage to log into blogspot genuinely under the influence of Jack Daniels!

    A dreamer: Thats the point ;)

  4. her dress is cool and your word mash up is hilarious.
    love it, love your blog.
    just added you to my aus friends link list, hope you can exchange :)x