Monday, February 23, 2009

I like it in the city when, the air is so thick and opaque

Only... two and a half-ish months to go...

Completed Bachelor's degree? Check.

Renewed Aussie passport? Check.

Backpack that is bigger than me? Check.

Travel insurance? Check.

One way ticket to Spain? Check.

Job and accommodation on arrival? ...oh...shit!

photo: Anna Rosa Krau


  1. Bah! Just wing now I've finally found your new blog should I delete your old one?

  2. LOLS!
    be like all those backpackers. they only book accommodation when they get there.
    if worst comes to worst, you can be a busker.

  3. Imelda Matt: Ahaha saying 'wing it' to me is like telling someone with OCD to 'chill out dude'. But I'm working on it ;) Glad you've found your way here, yes, my old blog may as well be deleted.

    adreamer: Awww, bless, thanks for assuming I know how to sing and/or play and instrument.:D

  4. Gosh your photos are simply fantastic. Am definitely going to be checking out these photographers. ;)

    Thanks for your comment and for adding me back!

    It sounds even more exciting that way actually. Like planning as much as you can but then leaving the things you can't control entirely up to fate and seeing where it all takes you... it's part of the adventure of a lifetime.