Sunday, April 12, 2009

Having troubles telling how I feel, but I can dance dance dance

Today my Mother and I drove to a suburb North East of Melbourne called Eltham, we were there to check out a place called Montsalvat. It was founded in the 1930's and artists used to live and work on site; there are still private workshops there where artists practice and display their various crafts. Meh, enough of me! The website explains the place far more eloquently.

I suppose my Mother, being a Fine Arts student, wanted to give me an artistic cultural experience, but from the moment we arrived I was far more interested in the awesome old buildings- it's seriously old school. I could almost believe I was in Europe. Obviously other people think this way too because one of the buildings was used in the film Queen of the Damned, set in Glastonbury, England. I didn't realise this when I arrived though, so when I walked through a stone archway and found myself standing right where a scene from the movie was filmed I went into freak out mode. Oh my god, have I been here before? Why is it so familiar? Have I been here in a past life? I seem to remember something about Vampires...was I a vampire in my last life? Was I in a Vampire Movie? ...movies...vampires...Queen of the Damned! Ohhh, duh!

It was a really nice day and great to spend some quality time with my Mother before I leave. I took a few photos...okay, I took ninety. It was such a lovely sunny day, so I suppose you don't really get that 'vampire movie' feel.

That's a peacock...or the female version of a peacock...a peahen?

Photos: By me.


  1. ok, I LOVE that pea...hencock (whatever) pic... I've saved it to my inspiration folder :P and that pic of the rather green looking pool, was the pool that green in real life? or is it the nature that's being reflected? (fun that the place was where they filmed Queen of the Damned!)

  2. :D Thanks Shini, I was trying not to laugh while I watched that bird walk around inside...and I was only slightly worried it would attack me haha. Actually, in real life the pool seemed sort of..murky. It was funny because there was a sign saying 'no swimming or dipping' and we thought you'd have to be nuts to get into that water!

  3. I got dragged there on a school excursion in the mid 80's and if you held a gun to my head I would have told you it was called Montserrat! I think the architecture and setting was beautiful but we were not at all inspired by the all the old hippies who seemed to occupy the place. And I think we were much more interested in getting to the vic markets to buy black fringed ankle boots and eat souvlaki.
    Commerce over art?

  4. Haha, Hammie I think some of the hippies may still be around..well atleast a scraggly old guy with big headphones who either blew me a kiss or made a rather rude gesture with his lips and two fingers. mmmm

  5. oh wow! If you have time or can be bothered I would like to go there when i visit, if not thats ok too. Looks awesome snoopy

  6. I'd love to take you there Snoop, but we'd need one of those...automobiles.

  7. what a great spot. your mom has great taste for mother-daughter excursions!