Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm so tired, of playing; playing with this bow and arrow

I've tried five different sentences to begin this post; I have deleted each one. Today I walked into the city and met A-strizzle for breakfast. It was super, even if my feet are rather sore. I don't feel like sharing many words today, but here are some photos of the walk and breakfast...

Photos: By me.


  1. How lovely. It is great to find someone that is so close to us aswell!
    But your moving to Spain? Im jealous. haha xox

  2. are those shoe wires some kind of phenomenon where you live or are they just hanging out to dry? my ex-boyfriend's dad lived across from a derilict house and the same thing happened there. i think it was some kind of competition in the neighbourhood - who could get their shoes to stick.

  3. Cheers OK ;)

    Hey Abbey, yeah I'm pretty much only moving to Spain to make people jealous anyway :P haha.

    Fash! I didn't realise this but apparently shoes over telephone wire means it's a drug drop location..but I think maybe in the case of the place from this photo it's just a random art installation- Melbourne has lots!

  4. HAHHA. the shoes!love that pic. that's so aussie. ...actually, do they string their shoes on powerlines etc anywhere else in the world?

  5. the shoe pic is great!!! I always wonder why people hang their shoes on powerlines...

  6. I always enjoy old couple holding hands...wish my parents'd do the same as they grow older...