Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I don't want to dissect everything today. I don't mean to pick you apart you see, but I can't help it.

Photo: Peter Guenzel

So here is the thing; I live in my dream world. Sometimes I get a bit lost and end up in Real World by mistake, it doesn't take me long to realise I am there; everything there seems so volatile and angry. So I go scampering off back to Dream World, but still, I'm slightly scarred from Real World and no longer fit properly in Dream World. Oh my god. What the hell am I talking about? Blame the fact that it's 7am and I am pumping myself full of caffeine for the work day ahead. But really...I don't want to be kicked out of Dream World, just yet!
..and you were there, and you were there, and you were there too! Where's toto? *manic laughter* coughcough.

ps. 25 days to go!


  1. i spend so much time in dream world, i think fashion is 90% dream world, and im not ashamed. the real world sucks sometimes.

  2. I am always daydreaming too..

  3. one thing good abt 'dreamworld' we don't need a visa nor tickets...freepass babe!!!

  4. Oh don't worry you are not;D
    Coz sometimes i do the same thing too.;D

  5. hahaha lol and I'm sure we dunked the Wicked witch of the east (or is it west?) with a pale of dihydrogen monoxide toooooooooooo!

    I feel the same way most times. Especially when I slepp and my dreams are so lucid that I actually become disapointed when I awaken! This is very bad lol.

    Aw it sounds like you've retained your kiwi nature :D Do you still cosider yourself one? I know a couple of people who instantly called themselves aussi when they'd relocated there!

  6. Haha gosh I always have a dream world at the back of my mind too... sad thing is that it just seems to set us up for disappointment each time the real world fails to live up to it. but then it feels so good dreaming i can't help crawling back to it...

    25 days only!! Gosh ;p I'm feeling excited for you already.