Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just get out my face, leave me alone; no you can't have my number, cos I lost my phone.

Dear public transport nose-pickers,

If it is absolutely necessary for you to pick snot out of your nose on the trip home from work, please refrain from:

1. Rolling it around between your fingers.
2. Flicking it.
3. Wiping it on the seat next to you.

... and no, moron, that doesn’t mean you should eat it!


  1. O.o what train line do you take?

    my friend tells me she once saw a woman taking a piss on the train seat. As in, pants around ankles, butt cheeks on the chair, eating and pissing at the same time.

  2. Same goes for people in cars who think that just because they're in a car, you can't see them.
    Once I got off the train and saw the cars lined up waiting to pick people up and 3 guys in a row were picking their noses. Unbelievable!
    And the guy behind them was eating his EAR WAX!
    No joke!

  3. hahahahaha what a good laugh I had! Probably not so great that its at 2 in te morning lol hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Thnkas for sharing your experience with ebay doll. I'm freaked out now but its better to be safe than sorry no? :D I think I'll open up a blog alongside selling my goods instead! ;D

    Hope your thurs will be great fellow kiddo from the Pacific ;)

    Eeli xx

  4. adreamer: I was catching a tram down St Kilda Road...wearing nice suits doesn't stop the nose-pickers. Although, now I feel slightly lucky that I didn't run into an public transport pee-ers.

    Kez: Well you know, given the right temperature..and a little bit of garnish, I'm sure earwax could be quite tasty...Shudders.

    Eeli: Happy to amuse! :D even better if it's at 2 in the morning! Ah, I didn't mean to put you off ebay, I've never heard anyone else complain. But the blog thing sounds like a good idea anyhow. Thursday is on, like donkey kong.

  5. hah. How about those who pick their nose, ears and eyes and then suck on that finger like it got some icecream on it.