Saturday, April 18, 2009

It hurts when it comes to your attention, you're inlove with the girl

One month to go. I am officially sick and tired of organising things, and over-analysing. I hate it when people say to an over-analysing person 'stop over-analysing things'; is that even possible?The other night I had a dream that Agyness Deyn saved my family and me from a bushfire with her boat. The end.

Photo: Jo Jankowski


  1. Cause sometimes I suck with words.

  2. Aw, hun. You're so sweet :) But hey, you will have someone to visit in Spain! Won't that be a good story? Talking via blogs while in Australia and meeting up in Spain. Epic. :D

  3. hahaha. aggyness deyn is superwoman. bushfire+boat= wtf.

  4. lol just too cute for words you are! lol. And of course I'd like to trade links! :D

    Yours has been added doll! :D

    PS. TOATALLY understand ze *cough cough* hehehehe


  5. Man you always have the best photos for each post. Love them!!

    Haha boy I wish I could dream about a model too. Except it'd be better if it were Hugh Dancy or someone hawt like that ;)

    Ahh gosh about your comment, I do wish I had a leather jacket to pair with more 'girly' items... that's like the no.1 thing on my wish-list now.