Sunday, April 19, 2009

You're so cute when you're slurring your speech, but they're closing the bar and they want us to leave

Really important things I have done today:

1. Dyed my hair black.
2. Stocked up on contact lenses and Lucas' papaw ointment for Spain.
3. Walked the dog along the beach.
4. Laughed at tales of my friend's silly ex.
5. Watched a couple of Skins episodes from the good ole days.
6. Cleaned my bathroom, which looked as if I had murdered someone with black blood in it.
7. Oreos. Devoured.
8. Deleted all my music and photos from my parents' computer.
9. Sworn at photobucket in an extremely unladylike fashion.
10. Oreos...

....someone wave their magic motivation stick at me please. In a totally non-sus way.

I find it somewhat funny and silly that there is a style of dress called a 'bandage dress'. Baby that bandage (dress) brings out your assets. Oh, Doctor Love, wrap me up in that tight bandage (dress). Someone stop the sexiness; why don't they cut the crap and call it a 'bondage dress'? I think boredom has warped my brain.

Photo: Timothy Barnes


  1. i think i'd die without lucas' papaw ointment.
    spain has oreos too right? lol
    gee haven't seen what bardots gotten up to in a long time...

  2. The lighting is perfect in that picture!

  3. i love the effortless elegance of that bedroom!

  4. Hehehe, yeah if you think that's funny I've got more stories coming your way.
    I am off to the tattoo shop now :)
    I will bring you some paw paw when I visit

  5. Wow, your days are much more productive than mine!
    I love your blog, and those divine pics.
    Thanks for your lovely omment on my blog. I'd love to swap links, in fact, I've already added you to my links.
    Have fun, x.

  6. love that bit about the bandage dress, 'bondage' is so much more appropriate, hah. I think Photobucket officially collects swears.

  7. LOL LOL LOL you have the funniest/craziest sense of humor!! XDDD Gosh I can totally imagine the new fashion pick up line --> "hey baby, i'm hurt inside, wanna bandage me up (with that dress)". Ok that was way lame. Look what you're doing to all of us!! ;p