Saturday, April 4, 2009

She had problems with drinking milk and being school tardy

Oh, I feel so sorry for myself. I'm getting sick and feeling low. Kings of Leon are the soundtrack to my sulkage. You'd think that a good cure for a bad mood would be listening to cheerful music, and yet I like to cultivate the misery by wallowing in music that makes me cry. Like..Hometown Glory by Adele, or With or Without you by U2..Look after you by the Fray... anything that Damien Rice sings..even Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones if I'm feeling particularly mopey. Is mopey a word? I feel another playlist coming on..suggestions? Do you guys have any songs/artists you listen to when you're feeling sorry for yourself?

Let's just look at some blurry Melbourne, shall we?

Photos: By me.


  1. no, you must download Ladki Kyon from Hum Tum, Lily Allen's Smile and Kylie singing "Your Disco" and listen to those instead. you are too young and pretty to be moping. you live in melbourne for fecks sake. I dare you to listen to Your Disco without doing the dance.
    have tagged you with a meme. Will do yours soon too.

  2. Cheer up emo kid, we still got your back ;)

  3. I don't listen to sad music when I'm sad anymore. Anything about a person missing another person gets my tears flowing as my husband has worked away on and off (mine work) a lot for most of our relationship so I know how it feels.

  4. :D Thanks Hammie. I will do your tag soonish :) I like Lily Allen a lot, her lyrics always cheer me up. Especially if I'm upset over a guy, which doesn't happen very often, but when it does I listen to Shame for You or Not Big and I always imagine burning said guy a copy of these songs and putting it in his mailbox....coughcough

    Orhan Kahn: Haha cheers mate, I've put the emo away for awhile.

    Kez: :( That must be tough. Are there particular songs which make you feel happy?

  5. my top two emo songs are Jesus Christ by Brand New (actually nearly all their songs are pretty good for emoness) And Iris by Goo Goo Dolls gets me most times.
    good pick me up is dashboard by Modest Mouse
    From Snoop

  6. The lights in the photo is really cool!