Sunday, June 7, 2009

My sister is eating paint chips again, maybe that's why she's insane

This afternoon I started to laugh manically while alone in the kitchen. I realised that now I put my cup of water in the microwave to heat it up for coffee without even thinking; no longer do I stand in the kitchen pondering the absurdity of Spaniards not using kettles. I found this funny of course, that I am now part of the absurdity. Who knows how much more absurd I will become. I do not respect the lack of kettles, Spain. I do respect however Spanish manners. They don’t overdo the ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’ but they always say ‘good morning’, whether they know you or not. I lived in an apartment building for 4 years in Melbourne and there were people I’d see who I’d never spoken to, not even a ‘hello’. Here it would be weird to share an elevator with someone and not say buenos dias and hasta luego. I am the rude foreigner who just listens to her ipod and smiles, what an ignorant bitch. Well, the last time I tried to be friendly resulted in aforementioned awkward Spanish encounter, so… I will continue to say ‘hola’ to everyone I see in hope I will have some more material to blog about.

Today is Friday, that means that my weekly course assessment is over and rather than coming home and doing homework until midnight I can go to the supermarket, and maybe even socialize. Oh wait, I don’t have any friends here yet. So, I went to the supermarket. They wouldn’t let me keep my mango; the woman at the checkout took it from me, said something I couldn’t understand and put it aside. I stood there while she scanned everything else trying to think of what to say ‘por que? Por que no puedo comprar mi mango?’ but I just stared at it longingly and everyone else in the queue looked at me strangely. If I had understood what the woman had been saying to me maybe I would be embarrassed at being stared at, but all I could think of was ‘WHYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYY, I want my mango!’ So what did I do? I came home and sulked to my flat mate about my lack of mango acquiring skills. She informed me that there is a fruit system. You bag it, weigh it, price it…and only then do you take it to the checkout. Now I am far too scared to every try and buy fruit again.


  1. =O They have the same thing in Italy!! I was so scared when she started talking at me in Italian - I had no idea I had to barcode my OWN FRUIT! My lady was nice enough to walk ALL the way back to the fruit section (at the entrance of the store) and put a barcode on it... Well, she did it which was nice, but her face was like "These God damn foreigners!!! They know nothing!" =D x

  2. buying fruit is complicated. try it again! makes for a good post :)

  3. Jaja.. as the Spanish say. don't worry about it. similar thing happened to me my first week here trying to buy apples at Carrefour.. that place makes you bag and tag and remember damn codes so you're running back and forth from the fruit to the weighing machine. I recommend you seek out your local fruteria. it's a fruit and veggie shop where you pick your items and THEY weigh it for you. how novel. Now, go forth brave adventuress and buy that mango!
    buen suerte! xx

  4. Not only are you adjusting well but you're working all the right moves fit right in. Well played :)

  5. naww i wish i could just give you the biggest hug and buy you all the mangos you could dream of.
    How much is a mango in spain?
    I had the WIERDEST EVER dream abotu you last night. I might email it to you after I have done uni crap x

  6. Try it again..=) Can't wait to see more post from this.Have a good day.=)

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