Thursday, June 4, 2009

I said 'we've only known each other one year', you say 'pfft, I've known you longer my dear'

How depressing. I am in living in Spain and have less to report than when I was living in Melbourne. My days here are pretty mundane at the moment; get up, try and fit showering into my flat mate’s bathroom schedule, go to my course, get home and make pasta for dinner and next day’s lunch, work on coursework until midnight, sleep. Repeat. Oh wait, sometimes I go to the cheap supermarket, Día, in the evenings. Today some old dude tried to talk to me outside my class, he asked me where I am from, exhausted all my Spanish conversational abilities, told me he couldn’t speak any English, and then stood there staring at me expectantly. Oh! And the whole double-cheek kiss thing is a conspiracy, no doubt invented by dirty old men who will ‘accidentally’ try and get you on the lips, and then laugh heartily when you recoil in horror. Lesson learnt.

Okay well, I really don’t have anything meaningful or insightful to say, so I shall go back to my homework…or back to balancing King Arthur(laptop) on the window ledge in a usually fruitless attempt to steal wifi.
Oh and my latest Spanish word is Mierda. Mierda. Mierda. Mierda.

Photo: Anna Rosa Krau


  1. Hey Te,

    stumbled upon your blog and just love your writing style! Very recognizable :) Been living in Madrid just over half a year now and loving it!

    Don´t worry about your Spanish; it will get easier and easier!


  2. I LOVE that photo. How DO you find this stuff? Gorgeous. =)

    I remember the first time I saw my host brother in Italy, we shook hands, I was sure people (his Italian friends) were looking at me funny. Now I realise why! It's so abnormal for them to shake hands....

    As for sleazy old men... well, lucky you? *shudder* =P

  3. Hi Edward. Thanks for the comment :) Glad to have another Madrid crasher around. Hasn't it been hot lately!

    Bam! I found heaps of great photos before I left Australia and I'm working through my stockpile, but sorry I cannot reveal my sources :P could find them in my inspiration links. Haha, yes I was told here never to shake hands when people introduce you to their friends...but this kissing thing, it's too easy to mess up.

  4. aw shucks. only awkward "accidental" lip kisses from sleazy old men so far?
    no young cute guys? heh.

    yay i'm learning spanish.
    time to give us a few spanish phrases.

  5. Ahhh gosh finally you're blogging from Spain! XD Man hey it seems pretty interesting so far!! HUR those sleezy ol' men. You should totally do something unexpected in return... like BITE them on the cheek or sth if they try and be funny. But then again that's not very becoming of a lovely young lass eh? ;)

    Glad to know you're settling in ok! And good luck with the language... it'll take awhile. But practice practice practice is the key...

  6. Yeah, was quite hot lately, today was nice and chilly though.

    Did you ever noticed how sometimes even men kiss eachother on the cheek twice..? Imagine the awkward feeling I had when expecting just a hand hahaha!